Beautiful Challenge in the Sand Whisper of Mount Bromo , Make Addictive

Mount Bromo has long been recognized as one of the best tourist attractions in East Java Indonesia. The beauty of the panorama, especially when the sun rises, invites many tourists to come in droves. But there is one charm that often goes unnoticed is in whispering sand.

Before you can enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo, travelers must pass through a stretch of whispered sand. The transportation equipment used varies, from motorbikes to jeeps.The following is the experience when traveling to Bromo through the Bromo tour package

One of the tracks that often challenges the riders if they want to visit Bromo is Whispering Sand. In fact, this stretch of sand is not much different than similar fields in other places. But at night it will usually sound like a whisper because of the influence of the wind, therefore the surrounding residents give the nickname Whispering Sand.

Beautiful Challenge in the Sand Whisper of Mount Bromo , Make Addictive

Visiting Bromo by riding a motorcycle is a big challenge. Not only requires high skills, but also prime vehicle conditions. This is because the terrain is quite heavy. But if it passes through, the driver can be called a reliable driver.

When riding a motorbike, the driver is required to stay focused and also sensitive to the surroundings. This is because in Pasir Berbisik there is absolutely no lighting. Motor speed will feel heavy when passing through sand. Must be able to maintain balance, speed, and watch out for road conditions.

Even a jeep can bounce if the driver is not reliable. Moreover, visibility is quite limited due to flying dust. Just a little wary, might lose the way to get lost. If you have this, you should stop the vehicle and continue the journey when dawn breaks.

Outside the challenging terrain, Pasir Berbisik offers indulgent views during the day. Rows of neatly lined jeeps are often used by visitors as artistic photo backgrounds. In the distance you can see the amazing panorama of Mount Batok, which most people often suspect of Bromo.

Even though it looks so beautiful, travelers must still be able to hold back while venturing around. The manager of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park has set a special barrier in the Whispering Sand area, to determine which areas may and may not be visited by tourists. This must be considered so that the natural feel of Bromo can be maintained and enjoyed by the next generation.

Beautiful Challenge in the Sand Whisper of Mount Bromo , Make Addictive

Enjoying God’s Great Work by Joining Bromo Tour Package From Surabaya

Enjoying God’s Great Work by Joining Bromo Tour Package From Surabaya Malaysia or Singapura. How do you usually spend your holiday? Spending your time by doing sightseeing in the mall or just staying at home? Actually, there are more interesting ideas to spend the holiday. You can spend the time by joining Surabaya Bromo Tour Package. This tour will help you to get closer to the nature. From its name, you will be invited to visit the Mount Bromo in East Java. You can enjoy one of the great God’s works in Indonesia. By visiting this place, you will be able to give thanks and admire the beauty of God’s creation.

Joining Bromo Tour Package From Surabaya

Then, what can you find in Bromo Mountain? Well, you will be able to see very incredible natural scenery. Bromo Tour Package offers some tours around this mountain to enjoy the scenery. In Bromo, tourists usually ride a jeep to reach the places. The driver will take you up to the places that allow you to see the sunrise. There are three places to see the sunrise: Penanjakan 1, Penanjakan 2, and Penanjakan 3. As the name, Penanjakan 1 is the easiest climbing path, and Penanjakan 3 is the most difficult climbing path. You can also see a crater by climbing stairs or riding a horse.

Enjoying God’s Great Work by Joining Bromo Tour Package From Surabaya

When visiting Bromo, do not just stop your way in Penanjakan or seeing a crater. You can find so many unique places there. After visiting Penanjakan, just visit Bukit Cinta to admire the sea of cotton covering Mount Pathok, Bromo and Semeru. You can also find Telletubies Hills where completed with the scenery and the green mountains like in Switzerland. Moreover, Pasir Berbisik and also Mandakaripura waterfall can be the next destination. When you decide to go to Bromo, just make sure that you have chosen the best Bromo Tour Package. By choosing the best one, you will be able to get wonderful experience in your lifetime. Enjoying God’s Great Work by Joining Bromo Tour Package From Surabaya

Safe Tips In Mount Rinjani Trekking

In Indonesia there are so many mountains that attract the attention of the tourists, especially the nature lovers and people who like to climb the mountain to explore the wealth of Indonesia. One of the most recommended mountain to visit is Mount Rinjani Trekking which is located Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. On the way there are some things to watch for each climber because the following important things can make the climber will feel more comfortable and safe during the climb following are some safe tips in mount rinjani trekking.

Preparing for more logistics inventory

The first tip you need to consider is to prepare the entire equipment including logistics supplies during the trip. If necessary you can bring more logistics supplies especially for water supplies because the water source along the path to the peak is very difficult to find except in the lake Segara Anak.

Comply with rules and paths specified

In order to reach the summit of Rinjani and descend safely then you must obey every rule that has been determined by the officers of Mount Rinjani National Park. In addition you also need to follow the path that has been there before and never make your own path because prone to get lost.

Maintain every behavior and speech

Also during the trip you have to take care of every behavior and word because we will pass a path that has not been known before. And the possibility of every area that is traversed there are spirits who are waiting for the place.

Never climb yourself

Then if in the climb you do not use the services of a local guide then you should climb in groups or at least there is someone who ever climbed Mount Rinjani. This is because to minimize the risk of getting lost in the savanna fields that have many branched roads.

Take a rest at the post that has been provided

The last tip is that you should not force yourself in the climb because it will actually spend your energy quickly so that your stamina will also be drained. And towards the end of the journey to the top of the stamina is fit is needed to conquer the gritty sandy terrain.