Malang Bromo Ijen Tour Package Ideal for Vacation

Malang city that is so beautiful and cool will be perfect to continue on vacation to Mount Bromo, and of course it will be easier to do using the Malang Bromo Ijen Tour Package.

Ijen Crater itself is a phenomenal crater in the world, and this is in Indonesia precisely in East Java adjacent to Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo will present a variety of very beautiful tourist locations, such as teletubies hills, waterfalls, and savanna meadows.

Malang Bromo Ijen Tour Package Ideal for Vacation

Malang Bromo Ijen Tour Package Ideal for Vacation

This beauty will be more exciting and fun when done with family or friends and closest friends.Whereas in the city of Malang itself, there are many tourist attractions that are so beautiful and beautiful. One of them is agro tourism which has strawberry and apple orchards. Malang itself has a lot of apple trees, so it is not uncommon for people who come back from Malang to bring various souvenirs from processed apples.

Not only that, even in Malang there are some very beautiful beaches and become famous sights in Malang city, one of which is South Malang Beach. This unfortunate beauty will be refined again by visiting the ijen crater. Ijen Crater has a very famous phenomenal point, namely blue fire, a crater that has a blue flame.

To enjoy the beauty of this crater, it takes some struggle to do, namely by climbing to a certain height of several meters. However, the energy used for this ascent will pay off in full by watching the intriguing ijen crater. This crater is a very famous crater in the world, and has become a special attraction for foreign tourists.

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