Possible Reasons Why Papua will Never be a Nation

The free west Papua movement wants to be separated from Indonesia. They want to have their own country. Unfortunately, many people believed that this kind of thing is not going to happen. That is because there are some possible reasons why this kind of thing is not going to happen. Here are some of them.

The first one is because of the strength that they have to deal with. For your information, Papua want to be separated from Indonesia, which is a large nation. It is as if one of those separatist movement has to deal with another 100 people of Indonesia, which is not going to be easy. Based on the west Papua news, more than 50 percents of people who live in Papua are against this opposition group. The second reason is because of the history of Papua as one part of Indonesia. You cannot deny that for Indonesia, Papua is one part of the history that should not be dismissed. That means even though the government have to do many things, they will try to do it for the sake of Papua to stay and be one part of Indonesia.

The last but not least is because of the separatist movements are not that united. Many people might have never known that those separatist movements are not that united because of the old tribes. As a matter of fact, there are some conflicts of the west Papua conflict between all of those tribes or separatist movements. This is one of the best reason why west Papua will never stand alone as a nation. That is because all of those groups who want to be separated are not united as one. Yet, there are still some groups who want to make a country on their own and try to force their own idealism.

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