The Melanesian Race in West Papua – A Miracle to The Diversity of Indonesia

West Papua News – In Indonesia, people in East Nusa Tenggara, Papua, West Papua, Maluku and North Maluku are named themselves as Melanesian who are all ethnic people living in those provinces. Melanesia is a race, whether in terms of religious or political affiliation,  they are not the subject of discrimination; They are symbol of the diversity of Indonesians who have status of legal Indonesian citizenship.

According to the Law No. 21/2001 on the West Papua province special autonomy,  The government documented  Papua People as Melanesian identity. They are considered to be a symbol  of the Indonesia culturally and multi-ethnically diverse concept. Similar to other Indonesian race, Melanesian are all Indonesians and they are all one and the same before the Indonesian rule. In the nutshell, the Melanesian identity was a miracle for Indonesia’s Bhinneka Tunggal Ika as they contribute in coloring Indonesia.

Therefore, pointing out Indonesia’s membership to the Melanesian is an irrational since the reason of Indonesia join the MSG (Melanesian Spearhead Group) is not associated with member status of the existence of West Papua and those other provinces in Indonesia who are Melanesians. In fact,  Indonesia belonged to one of the members of the MSG since it originally  takes place at the region of Asia-Pacific and it wants to grow symphonic diplomatic relationship with in the region of the countries. This idea is only in logical matter.

Thus, it is exactly the time for the government of the West Papua region to turn its focus in return to problem of free west papua in order to be similar to other ethnicity or cultural groups in Indonesia; development of the Melanesian people and cultural solidarity. At the end, solving west paua conflict.

The investors of MSG, its members, the Melanesian people, West Papua, and the other regions will be better to focus on essential matters to solve in order to make be better of the conflict happen in papua..

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